The Present Eternity Pt. 2

To read Pt. 1: The Present Eternity Pt. 1

One thing that I also believe God is is accepting.  If God created us, doesn’t that mean that They love us more than anything.  If God created us and adores us human beings so much, then it doesn’t make logical sense of why that God would enjoy, let alone tolerate Their creation screaming and writhing in pain as the flames of Hell blister and peel the skin off of the inhabitants’ bodies.  There is a plethora of questions that I could present to point out why Hell as a theological belief doesn’t make any sense, but that would be too off course from the greater message I am seeking to promote.  A book that addresses some of these questions effectively is Love Wins by Rob Bell.  In this book, Bell speaks about the fact that just as much as there is paradise here on this earth, there is also hell here on this earth.  People suffer every day.  Suffering manifests in every form that could possibly be imagined and then some. Depression, oppression, etc. Forget about the notion of a space and time dimension called Hell for a moment and wake up to the very real hell that people experience every day.  These individuals are crying out with last noises of their voice boxes and sometimes, we don’t just ignore them, but we also make it seem as if their pain was illegitimate.  In the book Insurrection by Peter Rollins, Rollins argues that the Incarnation of Jesus represents the divine meeting us humans.  By listening to individuals who are in pain and by loving others, we are thereby acknowledging the divinity in each human being and also serving and loving God.  By engaging in a person(s) suffering, we are enabling the Incarnation to manifest.  Rollins says that the most tangible way to love God is by loving others.


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