What is Success? Pt. 2

To read the Pt. 1: What is Success? Pt. 1

This blog is an epilogue to “What is Success? Pt. 1.” This blog is directly related to the previous blog, but I thought it would be best understood in a separate thought.  It takes on more of a pragmatic form.  

I would appreciate it if there were other questions that were asked other than, “what do you do” questions.  “What do you do” questions include: where do you go to school? What do you study? What do you do for work? What sports do you play? The one I hear all the time when I say that I am in college is: what’s your major? It gets exhausting giving the same answer over and over! I’m sure people are interested in what I’m passionate about, but they tend not to follow up on it.  They just ask that one question, but don’t ask what I’m learning or what makes me so excited about it.  In all reality, I could care less as it doesn’t really make a difference personally if people don’t inquire about me.  But, in general, I want to stop asking questions solely about what people do. If I ask someone what they do, I want to follow it up with another question that asks them more about their experience.  I feel as if it’s too shallow to ask what they do and then just exit the conversation.  Other important questions are: Where are you from? Where have you traveled? Who are your family and friends? People discover beauty every day and are inspired daily and they have a desire to share those reflections.  I want to give people that opportunity and dig deep with questions, and not just ask success/accomplishment related questions.  


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