What is Traveling? Pt. 2

To read Pt. 1: What is Traveling? Pt. 1


Later that day (after I wrote What is Traveling? Pt. 1), Christian and I went to Zion National Park. I went in with the mentality that I wouldn’t take any pictures, unless I felt as if they were life giving.  This is what I took:

I really love this picture because of the cairns.  It’s the classic view of Zion Valley from the Angel’s Landing Hike.  I chose to include the cairns in my only picture of that valley because I feel as if they tell a story that is different from the classic picture of Angel’s Landing one can find on Google.  The cairns tell a story of triumph in that those who placed those cairns there not only hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing, but went to the end of the trail, right at the edge of the cliff and built those edifices, right near the point of death.  Moreover, I think it tells a story of solidarity in that many people endured the elements to the point of utter exhaustion just to get a glimpse of paradise.

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