AHA 20 Deep: 823 Miles

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Christian and I awoke, fueled our systems with oatmeal, hopped into AHA and told our GPS to get us from we were in Minnesota to get to Yellowstone National Park.   Be reminded that Yellowstone is all the way over at the northwest corner of Wyoming.  The GPS’ response to our request was 823 mi.  823 frieken miles!!  Without further ado, we were off, traversing through the Minnesota countryside.

On our drive, Christian and I needed to stop for gas and to use the bathroom.  As a result, we halted our stallion in Dalton, MN.  Dalton, MN was the tiniest town that I had ever been to in my life!  It had one Lutheran church, a couple gas stations, one café, one post office, and one general market.  The gas station was still using the antiquated gas pumps.  I made a quick stop in the café and observed the only people to be present was a group of elderly individuals.  The young waitress called one of the men Bob and asked if he would like any pie for the day.  This told me that this was the place where all the locals would come.  After further reflection, it seemed as if Dalton was this fossilized town that was isolated from the rest of the industriously progressive country.

Christian and I eventually entered into North Dakota.  We were welcomed by a hill less and cloudless landscape.  This kind of perspective appeared to be unique at first, but quickly became mundane.  When we passed the city of Bismarck, we started to make a slight ascent.  This ascent brought us into the presence of rolling green hills.  We also drove past the exit for the Home on the Range (yes the Home on the Range).  The rolling green hills soon converted themselves into a mountainous rocky expanse.  Out of nowhere, I saw something that caused me to uncontrollably yell “Holy Shit!”  What lay before Christian and I was the badlands of North Dakota and the Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  Christian and I instinctively got off the exit and went to the national park observatory.

The Teddy Roosevelt National Park lies within this seemingly boundless crater that was mysteriously impounded into the earth.  As a result, the observatory we were looking from was way higher up than the rest of the landscape that was before us.  In this crater, there was an insurmountable amount of hilly peaks.  The plain that these hilly peaks lay upon lacked coordination.  There were points of the plain where it was more fluid and others that were more jagged or ridge like.  In addition, there was large sandy plots that were thrown here or there.  The mountain’s themselves were painted red and white.

The landscape of Montana was extremely similar to that of the badlands of North Dakota.  In Montana, we had the blessed opportunity to observe a godly sunset.  The bright orange sun dropped behind the purple mountains, which then caused an array of colors to explode into the atmosphere.  These colors included raging orange and bright yellow.  Some of the light didn’t even possess a color.  It was just light.  The vibration of these color waves onto the clouds forced the white clouds to evolve into beautiful peach, pink and purple.  While we were watching the sunset off to our right, we would look to our left to find dark pink gray clouds that appeared heavy and ready to cry tears of joy all over the immaculate land that was beneath them. We saw off in the distance that that great mass of metallic gray clouds were throwing lightening at the ground.  The lightening fell so often it seemed as if Zeus himself was riding these clouds like a chariot.  I would assume Zeus was throwing his bolts as often as he did because he was celebrating the stunning sunset.


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