AHA 20 Deep: Concluding Remarks

To read the previous part: AHA 20 Deep: Our Western Abode

Do you now know what I mean when I ask the question, what do I make of this?  Yes the journey was found in getting lost in the perfection that this nation’s and Canada’s land held.  But, the greater journey was found in the strengthening of my brotherhood with Christian.  Christian and I now go to school six hours away from each other.  Considering the amount of miles Christian and I drove, six hours is miniscule.  But, in actuality, it is also incredibly distant.  This is because the distance we have between each other is increased by the busy schedules we have at school.  It can even be a difficulty for us to find a time in which both of us are free to be able to talk to each other.  Yet, we are closer than we have ever been.  Christian and I become even more unified when we are telling these stories separately to other of our friends.  It is a treasured memory that only we possess.  What a blessing!  So for those who are reading this, I offer a simple word of advice.  Step out and invite somebody to tag along. There are journeys that will call for us to continue on by our self, but there are also other times in which the most powerful part of a trip will be found in experiencing it with somebody else.

Thank you.



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