AHA 20 Deep: Running Through the Six with No Woe’s

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Christian and I made a stop in Toronto on our way to the states.  It was a beautiful city as the space needle is a signature piece of architecture within the city.  The only word that I can use to describe the city is “blue.”  Not blue as in depressing, but as in the color blue.  Many of the buildings were very reflective of the blue sky and Lake Ontario.  In addition, there was a Blue Jay’s game going on and everybody was wearing blue because of that.  And yes we did hear somebody bumping Drake.

The rest of that drive was magnificent as we saw the beautiful grass plains gardened by the dozens of wind turbines of Ontario province.  This then led to crossing over Lake Huron as we entered into Michigan.  In Michigan, we were welcomed by an immaculate sunset and clean air to breathe.  It wasn’t until 12:00 AM when we arrived in our cousin’s house in Michigan City, IN.  It was really neat because even though they live in CST, they live 10 min away from EST.  They said it can be quite inconvenient if they go to dinner in Michigan.  That night, we spent an hour staying up with our cousin and talking to her about our lives as well as hers.  It was so amazing because I was able to be so real with her, share my experiences and be honest with her about the changes I experienced this past semester.  I loved how real I could be with her right from the start.


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