AHA 20 Deep: The Sex Room

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I woke up feeling refreshed, strong, and prepared for the continuation of our journey.  Because I had been sleeping on a rather uncomfortable cot during our time in Montreal, the large comfy bed at my cousin’s had engulfed me in satisfaction throughout the night.  I was surprised to wake up and find a quite erotic scene taking place all around me.  The hosts have quite a sense of humor and for their guest bedroom, they decided to hang a number of pictures of naked women as well as some paintings of women engaged in obscure sexual acts.  Moreover, there was a stack of books by the window sill that were all written about how to yield a fruitful beneath the sheets life.  My guess for why they designed the room in this manner was to set the mood for friends of theirs who are couples who come to stay.

After being fascinated with the environment that I was welcomed into, I decided to leave the room and go for a run alongside Lake Michigan.  The lake appeared like an ocean because of the fact that I couldn’t see where the azure toned water met its boundaries of land except for the beach front of which I cruised next to.


    I was given the blessed opportunity to shower in their outdoor shower, which made me feel even more like I was a beast of nature.  After an engaging discussion during breakfast, Christian and I hopped into AHA once more with a couple jars of pickled green beans that our cousin had given us and we were off once more!  That day Christian and I jaunted through the countryside and suburbanside of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.   In Wisconsin, Christian and I raged with AHA through a fierce rain storm that blanketed our car as we were trying to see the road and the vibrant, green rolling hills that surrounded us.  Eventually, the Midwest hurricane dissipated and Christian and I reached our destination, which was a KOA just outside of Minneapolis.  The explosion of color sunset was a signal of hospitality to us weary travelers.

At about 9pm, Christian and I went down to Minneapolis to explore the city.  Every city that I have been to has been unique in its own regard because of its architecture.  Minneapolis is not exempt from this notion.  My favorite building was a tall, long and rectangular structure that was surrounded by evenly spaced pillars.  One of the sides of the building was accompanied by a rippling reflection pool.  Christian and I then walked out to a bridge that crossed over a wide river.  When we turned around on the bridge, we saw downtown in its totality.  The skyline was composed of all of these beautifully designed buildings centered by one building that reached towards the sky that was lit up in bright yellow.  We walked towards that beacon to find what lay in the heart of downtown.  A unique observation of the city was that there were trolley tracks everywhere.  In addition, there were bridges that hung over the roads in which their purpose was to connect the buildings.  It was later explained to me from a friend who is from Minneapolis that there is a sidewalk system within the buildings that the city workers can use in the winter when it is too cold to go outside.  We also passed a nightclub that had people lining up with anticipation to discharge their excitement and energy.  There was another building that had white stars painted on a black wall background.  In these stars, there were names written of different bands that had played at that venue.  A couple of the names were Coldplay and Public Enemy.  After a late night of exploring the city, Christian and I retried to the campground for the night.

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