Post-Paris Tears Speak PT. 1: Bodies

Bodies.  Bodies everywhere.  Lying in silence.  These bodies don’t look like they do in the battle scenes of Lord of the Rings.  In Lord of the Rings, scenes are shown in which bodies are strewn everywhere across the battlefield.  But, the vanquished warrior’s faces are peaceful and there is minimal blood cast upon their body.  What I am talking about is very different.  I will not describe in detail the traumatic scene of gore and violence that took place on that Friday night.  I wasn’t there and it’s not my place to describe something so intense with very little observation.  It would be ignorant and insensitive.  What I can assure you is that the scene was not peaceful like the Lord of the Rings, but was in fact very bloody and horrifying.

I am curious to the state of the spiritual interaction between the two individuals.  What did the gun man feel when he rushed into the theater in search of his targets.  Did he feel nervous? And was it the type of nervousness one receives when they are about to take a test in class that they know they are not going to do well on? Or was it the type of nervousness one feels right before they are about to ask someone on a date? Was it a foreboding depression or an ecstatic passion? An intersection of both perhaps? And did the gun man look into the eyes of his victim right before he shot him? If so, did he see the spirit through the eyes of the victim, screaming out and begging for mercy?  And what about the victim? Did she see the spirit through the eyes of him and see him screaming out and begging for mercy?  There is something deeply spiritual in an intense moment such as that and it would be ill to think that both of those individuals were completely callused or brave in that ephemeral moment where death and life kissed.

They are saying that the death toll has risen to 129.  If you didn’t know what I was referring to in the previous two paragraphs, I am talking about Paris.  But, am I just talking about Paris? In the same week that 129 individuals were strategically slaughtered in Paris, France, 147 were massacred at Garissa University College in Garissa, Kenya, 43 people were blown to pieces in Beirut, Lebanon, and 9 people were killed at a bar in Bujumbura, Burundi. Let me remind you that I am not mentioning the countless number of other bodies that have been forced to return to dust as a result of violence, whether that be in Syria, the United States or many other countries.  In addition, it is very possible that Paris was not the only place observing violence on the night of November 15.  I am not here to criticize you if you have not heard about these other attacks that happened all last week.  I am just as guilty of lack of awareness.  To be honest, I had not heard about Kenya and Beirut until after the Paris attacks.  And they happened before Paris.  I am also not seeking to diminish the space of weight, depth or silence that should be allotted to each of these situations.

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