Up Like Trump Pt. 2

To read Pt. 1: Up Like Trump Pt. 1

I have another theory to why Trump is do exceedingly well in the republican primaries.  Conflict.  In my blog post, Post Paris Tears Speak Pt.2: Structures of Conflict, I talk about how every human being is a creature of conflict.  We enjoy being in conflict with our environment and with the individuals around us.  Sometimes, we engage in conflict because we are fighting for survival.  Other times, we engage in conflict because we are seeking liberation from boredom.  We need a good fight every once and a while to spice up our life.  I have a theory that the desire for conflict is influential in people’s support of Trump.

On a daily basis, I will find anti-Trump posts from my friends.  I appreciate most of them and find them creative and funny.  Recently, the hacktivist group, Anonymous, declared war on Trump.  They released a rhetorically electrifying video that called hackers to dig up any dirty secret information that they could find on Trump.  The hope is that whatever information is found could slander his name and halt his political momentum. There is not necessarily anything wrong with public opposition against Trump.  I think that there should be efforts on social media, at Trumps’ rallies and at the dinner table to oppose him and to educate others about different perspectives other than just his.  I also think that as effective as these efforts can be, they can also yield negative consequences.

I am willing to consider the possibility that these anti-Trump crusades are actually helping his political campaign.  Consider what I stated before, we humans love to be in conflict with our environment and the people around us.  Those who are voting for Trump share this desire.  Many of these individuals have been pissed off by President Obama and the current “liberal” status of our government.  When a man such as Trump comes along and infuriates and scares the Democrats, those far right, pissed off people smile for once.  Trump is raining on the liberals’ parade, which gives the conservatives (Trump like conservatives) a reason to celebrate.  Trumps’ enemies were and are saying that he won’t amount to anything and that his rude, senseless rhetoric won’t get him very far in the election.  And those pissed off conservatives are like, “oh yeah, we’ll show you!”  And you know what?  They did!  They showed us and it’s terrifying!!

I want to point out that this conflict theory is not the sole reason to why Trump is doing so well in the primaries.  There are a lot of crazy social phenomenon’s that are occurring all at once to provide Trump with those votes.  Sometimes, I want to give up thinking about why he is getting the votes and just believe that God is intervening and allowing for this to happen.  But, if that were true, then we’re all screwed if God is like that.

I also want to note that there are a lot of conservatives that do not support Trump.  Conservatism exists on a spectrum (like most things) and there are some really intelligent conservative schools of thought and some not so intelligent.  I want to acknowledge that, especially if you are a conservative reading this.  I am not here to attack you.


4 thoughts on “Up Like Trump Pt. 2

  1. lfpbe says:

    I think Trump exists outside the framework of liberal and conservative. He appeals to libertarians, who are usually socially liberal but opposed to any kind of “big government” whatsoever, and then there’s the underprivileged white demographic that you mentioned in Part 1. To them I think he seems sort of like a mythological figure who says the things they want to say and doesn’t get punished for it. At the same time, he’s an old-school tycoon (suggesting conservatism) and Hollywood entertainer (suggesting liberalism). I think he’s a whole new breed (at least as far as presidential politics are concerned.


    1. Pennyworth says:

      Hey Ms. Edstrom! Wow, some of that I have never thought of before. Part of that is due to my limited knowledge of the political system and the political parties in the U.S. I absolutely agree about him saying what they want to say, but not getting punished for it. He’s become a mouth piece. And yes, a mythological figure or a symbol for them. In which manner does he suggest liberalism? I suppose I need to be a little more intent on my observations of him. Thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate your feedback. I didn’t even know you were on wordpress. So I just started following you and I will be able to see when you post! Thanks for always being so encouraging!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lfpbe says:

        The standard complaint that conservatives make is that until recently his economic policies seemed very liberal, including restricting trade with countries that operate sweatshops, and he has also spoken out in favor of universal healthcare (though not recently). You’re going to laugh – I have another post in progress about the disenfranchised poor whites. We are thinking alike on this topic. I also never made the connection that we’re both on WordPress – will follow you too!


      2. Pennyworth says:

        Thanks! Gotcha, that’s helpful! I’ll be looking out for that post of yours. Can’t wait, but until that time I’ll read some of your other stuff!


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