Together as One: The River Speaks

The link provided above is a journal that compiles twenty-five pieces written by fellow students at Gordon College.  The initiative was started by a good friend of mine at the school.

Our world is in constant need of unity and reconciliation.  There is no doubt about it. Our communities are divided and we act in violence against each other on a regular basis. Respect and mutuality needs to be fostered in our neighborhoods.  That’s the purpose of this journal.  Some members of the Gordon College community perceive this journal to be an act of war.  Some members think it to be a tool that causes further polarization within Gordon.  The intention of this journal, I can assure you, is the exact opposite.  The motivation behind this journal is to make Gordon a better place where respect and mutuality are cherished.

For there to be reconciliation, there needs to be justice.  Injustice has been committed at Gordon College.  Individuals have been discriminated against and people’s voices have been silenced.  This journal is a space for people to cry out from the rooftops. This journal is one of mourning and lamentation.  The ultimate goal of it, though, is to not cast a shadow of depression on Gordon, but to provide an avenue to which students can express themselves.  The hope, then, is that those in positions of authority will listen to these stories and create change on campus with these individuals in mind.

Although injustice has been done, this journal can be an act of justice.  We students will not settle for the rhetoric of “unity,” in which that word is synonymous with ‘let’s create the appearance of unity by silencing some people to make it look like we are all in agreement with each other.’  The only thing that we will settle for is when everybody’s reality is taken into consideration and from that, reconciliation is established.  Stop trying to create this virtual reality Gordon, because it’s not working anymore.  Listen to our pleas and do something about it.


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