Photos: Glimpses of Splendor

This blog is a compilation of six photos that I have taken from multiple different journeys. As I further pursue photography, I constantly return to my philosophy of traveling and photography that I discussed in my first blog ever, What is Traveling? When I photograph, I want to take my pictures in a manner that gives rather than takes.  I don’t want to take the accessible picture that is easy for a common observer to snatch up.  I don’t want to consume my environment.  I want to photograph beautiful scenes that are not observed on a regular basis.  They are rare gifts from the universe that I seek to elevate and celebrate.  I hope that you do not interpret my statements as pretentious.  My intentions are not to criticize or exclude other individuals who photograph with a different philosophy.  Photography is an adventerous art form that is being experimented with through  all kinds of technology, with all kinds of people in all kinds of places.  I continue to encourage them to keep up with their exploration

The six photos are Saint Laurent (Montreal, QC), Traverse (Manchester by the Sea, MA), Phantom (Manchester by the Sea, MA), Made in Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Step Out (Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland) and Ash (New Orleans, LA). Saint Laurent was featured in an artistic journal at my college, called The Idiom.  All of the photos were taken on my digital camera and were edited on Adobe Lightroom.  If you’re interested in seeing more of my photography, please check me out on Instagram @liamsa26. Thanks!


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