Photos: Northern Ireland

For the past two years, during the months of December and January, I have traveled to Belfast, Northern Ireland on a service-learning trip with a team of students from my college.  We journeyed to Northern Ireland to learn about conflict, peace and reconciliation.  We spent an extensive amount of time learning about the infamous civil war that happened in Northern Ireland from 1969-1996, which were called “The Troubles.”  We worked with a nonprofit in Belfast, named the 174 Trust, which is an organization that seeks to promote peace and reconciliation in North Belfast through youth groups, art programs, and other community groups.  We were mentored by the Trust’s fearless director, Bill Shaw, and the other administrators of the Trust, Geoffrey Kerr and Ray Giffen.  I encourage my readers to learn more about the Trust at

I wanted to quickly thank all those who have donated to send me to Northern Ireland for two years in a row.  Both trips have been experiences that have changed my life for forever.  I also want to give a big shout out to both of my teams that I had the blessed opportunity to travel with, who impacted me in such a positive way.  I have also done some writing about my experiences in Northern Ireland.  If interested, please check out Inside the Orange Order Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 and the Destroying God blog series.

The following photos are compilations of photos from both of my trips.  These photos were taken from different sites in Northern Ireland, such as Belfast, Londonderry/Derry, Giant’s Causeway, Tor Head and Kinbane.  All the photos were taken with my digital camera and the majority were edited on Adobe Lightroom.  Please enjoy and check me out on Instagram @liamsa26!


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