Political Discourse or Tribal Warfare?

What kind of madness is going on with the current presidential race? The politicians are slandering one another and the general public is rising up in a riotous manner.  Are we living in the 21st century, in which civil political dialogue is taking place or have we resorted to a prehistoric, tribal mentality in which we destroy one another? These questions I seek to analyze in my most recent op-ed article on The Latest as I discuss the social and political phenomenons that are occurring in the U.S.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


Also, be sure to check out the other two articles that I have written for The Latest,

Can you blame them? which is about UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and his statements about Palestinians.


Lessons Learned from The Big Short which is about the film, The Big Short and socio-economics in the U.S.



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