On the Inside Introduction

I am starting a new blog series titled, On the Inside.  On the Inside is a series of pieces that I will write about certain experiences of mine.  These experiences are about environments that I have spent time in in that, at one point, seemed completely normal to me.  As my beliefs have changed and as I have become more aware of my status as a social being, I have been given new lenses to see these environments that were seemingly regular.  These environments, many times, are places of privilege.  Certain settings like my high school or vacation trips were nothing beyond the ordinary for me.  Being a student of sociology, I have been given the opportunity to understand that my high school experience or my traveling experiences have been products of my privilege.  That is not to say that I am ungrateful for these experiences, for I am extremely thankful for them.  They have made me to be the person who I am today.  I also must acknowledge that these kind of experiences are accessible to a very small number of individuals within the United States.  The “On the Inside” blog series will be this acknowledgement of reality.

Another part of my On the Inside blog series will be about weird and nonsensical settings that I have been able to be a part of.  The majority of the writing of this part of On the Inside will be about my college experience at Gordon.  In the past blogs, I have vaguely referred to my college.  I am explicitly stating that I attend Gordon College, which is a small Christian liberal arts college.  I love Gordon for there are great people there, but there are most certainly some really wacky and also some really messed up things about the school.  And I am not afraid to speak up about it.  I am done being frustrated and complaining and I think it’s appropriate for me to do something about the things that have been making me so upset.  Thus, the first thing I intend on speaking up about is visitation.  Many of the things that I will speak about Gordon are probably strange to you unless you attend a Christian school like I do.  That’s why I want to educate my friends who live outside the Gordon bubble about what exactly goes on in this strange reality.

Technically the blog, Inside the Orange Order is a part of the On the Inside blog series.  Inside the Orange Order is about a one of a kind experience that I had while in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Most individuals are not given access to Hall of the Orange Order and I was given the opportunity to do so.  I thought it was fair for me to share this experience with my readers.  That’s the attitude that I have with the following blogs from the On the Inside blog series.  You will know when there is another one because the title of the blog will start with the word “inside.”  Thank you very much and enjoy!


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