Photos: “Outrageous Fun” Road Trip

The following images are photographs that I took on my road trip to Banff National Park.  “Outrageous Fun” is another title that I gave to the road trip because it was outrageous fun and also, we watched a video called Outrageous Fun right before we left and thus, we were quoting the video all throughout the journey.  The locations of these photos vary.  Some originate from an abandoned church in the province of Ontario.  Others come from our hikes through Banff, such as Bow Lake, Mistaya Canyon, and Fairview Mountain. There are some other random photos that were taken along the road trip.  All of the photos were taken with a Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera with a standard 18-55mm lens and were edited on Adobe Lightroom.  Some of my reflections about the trip are included in my blog post, Nothing Around Us, Except the Universe: A Banff Introduction. Stories of the trip will soon be posted on the website. Thank you and enjoy!

Also, I produced a video about the trip to Banff, which you can view here: Film: Outrageous Fun, A Banff Story


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