Why Pennyworth?

The name “Pennyworth” is a reference to the famous character from the Batman comics, Alfred Pennyworth.  I began to research the character of Alfred Pennyworth my sophomore year of college when I was the RA (Resident Advisor) of the Fulton Basement, also known as the “Batcave.”  Each of my residents received a name tag next to their door.  On the name tag was their name and also the name and bio of a character from the Batman comics.  I chose the character for my name tag to be Alfred Pennyworth.  Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) butler.  My initial appeal to Alfred began with watching Michael Caine’s phenomenal performance as Alfred in the Dark Knight trilogy.  After a while, I began to reflect on the metaphorical power that the character of Alfred Pennyworth possessed.  Upon that reflection, I began to admire and emulate the idea of who Alfred Pennyworth is.  I then became encouraged to adopt Pennyworth as a pseudonym for my name.

As stated before, I believe that the character of Alfred Pennyworth has metaphorical power.  Alfred Pennyworth is so significant because he is the servant to the superhero.  As depicted in the Dark Knight trilogy, Alfred was not just a man who served Bruce Wayne his breakfast omelet and coffee.  Alfred Pennyworth was the individual who selflessly gave himself to Bruce to give Bruce the strength to stand on his own two feet.  Alfred listened to and encouraged Bruce.  He gave Bruce the rejuvenation and wisdom he needed to be able to put on the mask and fight the injustices that threatened Gotham.  Bruce would have not been able to do his job as Batman if it weren’t for Alfred Pennyworth by his side.

The description of Alfred Pennyworth provided above is who I aspire to be.  I want to be the servant to the superheroes.  I want to selflessly give myself to those who are working to better this world.  I want to support those that are working tirelessly to promote respect and mutuality among all human beings.  I want to encourage those that are combating the ideology of competition and selfishness by fostering genuine human relationships.  I want to give strength to those that are fighting their own oppression that restricts them from exercising their full capabilities.  Above all, I want to do these things with grace, respect and gentleness.

I named my blog Pennyworth because I wanted it to be a space in which I can be a servant to the superheroes through my writing and other mediums of art.  I wanted to elevate the voices of the silenced and talk about the efforts of the individuals who are working hard to foster more respect and love among the human race.  I fear that some of my work that I have published on Pennyworth has strayed away from that initial goal of mine.  In fact, Pennyworth has sometimes become a space in which I praise myself to satisfy my insecurities.  I don’t think that this has been the case every time, but I do think that is the truth for some of my posts.

I am tired of living in this matrix (a perceived reality) of self-promotion and cut throat domination.  I believe that God created us human beings to be in relation with one another and to show respect and love to each other regardless of who we are.  Consumerism and individualism have taught us that life is only satisfied when we reach the top of the social and economic ladder.  This lifestyle is not redemptive and not beautiful.  As a result, I am going to renew the vows that I made when I started Pennyworth.  I am not going to allow Pennyworth to be a space of self-promotion, but a space to praise others.  I am not going to terminate Pennyworth because I love writing and sharing my thoughts with my friends.  What I am going to do instead is be aware of my writing and seek how I can elevate the voices and narratives of others.  These same goals that I have for Pennyworth I also have for my Instagram.  Instagram has been a great space to share my photos as photography has been an art I have begun to become more intrigued by.  But again, I do not want Instagram to be a space of self-promotion and selfishness.

I want the individuals who are reading this piece to keep me accountable to the goals that I have set here.  I want you to challenge me if my writing isn’t respectful or loving enough.  I also want you to participate and provide your own comments if you agree or disagree with me.  I do not want to be the only voice in the room.

I want to conclude with a quick shout out to the lovely lady who I am dating.  She may not be aware of the fact that this piece of writing is inspired by her.  She is someone who gives herself selflessly and humbly to every individual she interacts with.  She destroys the matrix of fakeness, selfishness and competition.  She accepts every person for who they are and makes them feel like they are valued and loved.  How she interacts with others is something I look up to and aspire to.  Thank you, lovely lady, you are quite amazing.


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