Inside Marianapolis: Prelude

Marianapolis Preparatory School.  My alma mater and a place that I called my home for four years.  Marianapolis (a.k.a. MPS) was a place that taught me how to work hard in sports and academics, gave me the courage to take leadership roles in clubs and best of all, introduced me to amazing friends and teachers. Marianapolis is a college preparatory high school located in Thompson, CT.  When I went there, the student body rested between 300-400 students who came from all over the world.  About half of the student body consisted of day students who drove from their homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  The other half of the student body were boarding students who came from different places in the U.S. or from other countries.  There was not much that the school didn’t offer.  The liberal arts were taught in the classroom, there were a number of different sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities that the students could participate in and there were also plenty of community service opportunities for the students.  In addition, the college placement department did a great job at helping students find the college of their dreams.
Marianapolis was a wonderful institution that provided great services to students.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.  As many praises that I have for MPS, I also have some observations about MPS that aren’t as praiseworthy.  These observations regard the social location of MPS as a private college preparatory high school.  As a private college prep school, MPS is an institution that serves students who are born into a higher socioeconomic background. I want to emphasize throughout this piece that I don’t think it’s bad for these higher class students to receive a good education at MPS.  The purpose of me writing this is to bring attention to the fact that the majority of high school students do not have the high school experience that MPS provided to its students.  I do not write to slander MPS because I think that it is a great school.  I write to provide a sociological analysis on a very unique social phenomenon that is taking place in the U.S.

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