Photos: The Glory of the Andes

To read the introduction about my time in Peru: The Unknown: Random Reflections on Peru

Peru is a country with eternal beauty.  The fruit is divine, the music is electrifying and the people prioritize living life with others instead of being productive and industrious.   Peruvians are interested in taking time to hear about one’s life and sitting down to have a Pisco Sour to celebrate the relational nature of the universe.  Living, breathing, relaxing, fellowshipping and celebrating.  I would group these adjectives under the title, the “rhythms of life” and I think they accurately describe the Peruvian lifestyle.  There is a spirit of relief and liveliness that flies through the Peruvian skies. I am not saying that Peru is a utopia.  I don’t want to downplay the issues that Peru experiences, but I don’t think that this is the space to discuss them.  In this piece, I want to highlight the beauty of Peru.  It is a society that possesses a freedom that allows people to feel the “rhythms of life” rather than an adherence to mundane structures.

The rhythms of life that flow through Peru’s social activity are the same rhythms that flow through Peru’s natural activity.  The different species that exist in Peru’s natural environment dance in a symbiotic relationship with one another.  One example of this liveliness of nature is the Andes.  The Andes Mountain Range is a family that works together to bless the Peruvian landscape.  I call the Andes a family because they aren’t the same everywhere in Peru.  Some sections of the Andes are exposed to the bare sun, causing the surface of the mountains to be populated by a light green/brown grass.  It is at these locations that the cactus grows like wildflower.  There are other sections of the Andes that showcase large trees that are covered with bright green, pink, yellow, purple and yellow flowers.  Other parts of the Andes are so high in the air that their skeletons are clothed by a pure white snow.  Even though the Andes are different depending on the location in Peru, the entire mountain range embodies the same “rhythms of life” and spiritedness.

I will never be able to do justice to the Andes Mountains and Peruvian nature in general.  I post the following pictures, however, to make an attempt at showing my adoration for it.  Most of these pictures are of the Andes Mountains, although there are a few mountain pictures that are of mountains that are not members of the Andes.  I took these photos with my Canon Rebel T5 camera and used an 18-55mm lens.  Many of these photos were slightly edited on Adobe Lightroom.  I hope that you appreciate them.  Thanks!

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