The Complexities of Compulsory Worship at Gordon College Chapel, Op-ed

I attend a Christian liberal arts college.  Considering that the Christian faith is integral to the school’s identity, there are certain requirements that the school has so that they can preserve this faith tradition.  Among the many requirements, the attendance of chapel is requested of each student.  The chapel requirement, or also known as “Christian Life and Worship”, mandates the students to fulfill a quota of thirty Christian Life and Worship Credits.  The students are able to acquire these credits by going to chapel, which is offered on Monday and Wednesday, or convocation, which is offered on Friday.  There are other non chapel events that the students may attend to receive their credits.  There are more than just 30 CL&W credit opportunities so it technically shouldn’t be a problem for students to meet the 30 credit quota.  If students don’t meet this quota, they are put on probation.

In the most recent issue of my college’s school newspaper, The Tartan, I wrote an oped article that addressed some of the issues that are present with the CL&W credit requirement.  I note that most students at my school enjoy attending chapel.  There are some students, however, that are not as comfortable going to chapel and yet, they are still required to attend.  Go to the following link and read more of what I said.  Thanks!

The Complexities of Compulsory Worship in Chapel


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