State of Emergency in Charlotte, NC, Op-ed

The following link is to my most recent op-ed article that I wrote for my school’s newspaper, The Tartan.  This piece is regarding the state of affairs with police brutality in the United States.  The governor of North Carolina, Pat McCroy, had called a state of emergency for the city of Charlotte on Wednesday, September 21.  He wasn’t wrong in calling this “state of emergency.”  My article expands the definition of the phrase “state of emergency” by arguing that the entire United States is in a state of emergency.  The many riots that have occurred after the brutalizing and killing of black and brown people by the hands of police officers visibly demonstrate that there is a very serious problem taking place in our country.  Why hasn’t any actual legislation been passed yet?

Also note that the end of this article is written specifically to a Christian community considering that my college is a Christian school.  Thank you and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Charleston Shootings Signal State of Emergency


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