Photos: Walls of Opportunity

Walls are commonly understood to be barriers.  They are forces that restrict one from entering into another space.  They have been abused as instruments of division and oppression (as seen in cities such as Berlin, Jerusalem and Belfast).  Walls stand as formidable guards saying, “NO” to any individual who seeks to progress forward.

Walls can also be entities of opportunity.  Even when walls physically remain firm in the ground, some see them as structures that can take them to new places and teach them new things.  They can host and display art.  Examples of this are the murals done by the artist group, Bumbing Happens, who painted incredible pieces on free graffiti walls (

I was able to find some of these walls during my time in Peru.  These walls were not ones of despair and hopelessness, but ones of beauty and mystery.  The following pictures are walls that I found to be interesting and cool.  The pictures were all taken with my Canon Rebel T5 Camera with an 18-55mm lens.  They were also edited on Adobe Lightroom.  Thanks!


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