Imagine a Moment: Photos from Spain and Portugal

Imagine a Moment
Imagine a Moment

Although this photo is the least appealing of those presented here, it’s the most meaningful of them. The picture of the Marquess of Pombal statue in Lisboa, Portugal, meant to commemorate Prime Minister Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, is significant because it was taken on a night that caused me to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Me and my siblings had eaten a delicious Portuguese style meal and then walked up the slope-styled park, Parque Eduardo VII. Up there, we watched the slow-moving Rio Tajo, which was accompanied by the sparkling lights of beached castles and homes. At that point, we had been  traveling around Spain and Portugal, making little effort to pause. At the top of Parque Eduardo VII, however, I not only stopped to breathe, but I also realized how surreal it was to be in Portugal with my siblings.

The photo, as well as this post, are titled Imagine a Moment for it was a phrase I penned that night in Lisboa. I realized that moments such as the one up in the park are memories to be valued, rather than objects to be perpetually held. Even if I were to return to Lisboa, I would experience it differently. As a result, I must be appreciative without desiring repetition. Though we are unable to recreate past experiences of ecstasy and joy doesn’t mean they are lost to us forever.

This is the idea I seek to convey in posting these photos. To provide snippets of my wondrous journey without disclosing every detail. I invite you to view these photos and perhaps understand why they have meaning to me, or find a new meaning for yourself. They are ordered in the chronological order that we traveled in.

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Barcelona i


Bus Ride










Barcelona, again


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