While studying sociology and history at Gordon College, I was also a staff writer at The Tartan, which is the student newspaper. I had multiple responsibilities at The Tartan. Soon after, I became a web developer and staff writer. As staff writer, I worked on an investigative project with other student journalists, writing stories about extra-curricular and co-curricular departments that were damaged by lay-offs, precipitated by conflict between faculty and staff with college administrators. The project was called “Define: Gordon.”  This hyperlocal investigative work taught me how to sensitively and fearlessly report on events that affect a small community. The following links are articles I wrote for The Tartan.


Gordon College on Better Financial Footing After ’15 Cuts

Gordon in Lynn – An Enduring Relationship Severed

Social Workers Fight For Department’s Survival

Statistical Tests Find Support for Pay Disparity

Entire Faculty Senate Resigns

Second Professor Accuses College of Discrimination Related to LGBT+ Advocacy