While studying sociology and history at Gordon College, I was also a staff writer at The Tartan, which is the student newspaper. I had multiple responsibilities at The Tartan. Starting off, I was an op-ed columnist, writing about institutional policies that some students considered problematic. Soon after, I became a web developer and staff writer. As staff writer, I worked on an investigative project with other student journalists, writing stories about extra-curricular and co-curricular departments that were damaged by lay-offs, precipitated by conflict between faculty and staff with college administrators. The project was called “Define: Gordon.”  This hyperlocal investigative work taught me how to sensitively and fearlessly report on events that affect a small community. The following links are articles I wrote for The Tartan.

“Define: Gordon” stories

Gordon College on Better Financial Footing After ’15 Cuts

Gordon in Lynn – An Enduring Relationship Severed

Social Workers Fight For Department’s Survival

Statistical Tests Find Support for Pay Disparity

Other articles

Entire Faculty Senate Resigns

Faculty Votes to Cancel Senate Elections

Second Professor Accuses College of Discrimination Related to LGBT+ Advocacy

Evangelists’ Presence in Salem Brews Up Debate

Op-Ed Columns

Sexual Repression in Christian Communities, Op-ed

The Complexities of Compulsory Worship at Gordon College Chapel, Op-ed